Sex Week Fall 2015 Schedule

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Sunday, November 8

It All Begins where can i buy viagra in atlanta

Both a film screening + a massive raffle of sex toys, safer sex supplies, and other such joys, in under an hour.

Monday, November 9

But How Do I…?:Sex Ed Q&A where to buy viagra over the counter in toronto Ever had a question about sex you were too afraid to ask? Ever felt like there was some major part of sex education that you missed out on? Here’s your chance to ask any and all questions! Boston-based sex educator Megara Bell will be taking anonymous questions about any element of sexual health you’re curious about.

Feeling Myself: Conversations About Masturbation

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Who is entitled to enter a conversation about how to auto-stimulate? How are differently gendered bodies taught to think of masturbation? What are the limits of polite conservation on masturbation? What kind of orgasm are we used to seeing? Let’s change the discourse on healthy conversations about masturbation and re-work whose bodies are given the societal space and opportunity to self-pleasure and learn about their own peaks and downs of stimulation.

Tuesday, November 10

Sexual Health Career Panel

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Wednesday, November 11

Radical Consent

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Thursday, November 12

Sex Letter Writing viagra algerie Participate in the Sex Letters project with Pleasure Pie. Write letters to your younger self about what you wish you knew back then. Explore your current relationship to sex and sexuality in a creative, reflective way.

Friday, November 13

Open Mic

safest way to order viagra online SWOM 2K15. FRIDAY the 13th (of November).
Please do join us! There will be good energy, safer sex supplies, and boundless talent provided by YOUR Harvy peers. Plus a feature from member of the recent National Poetry Slam winning team Melissa Lozado-Oliva.
Sponsored by Speak Out Loud

Saturday, November 14

Work Hard, Fuck Hard: The Guide to BDSM in the College Dorm Room

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Repeal Hyde Art Project

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The Repeal Hyde Art Project raises awareness and creates dialogue about the Hyde Amendment, which blocks people from using Medicaid to pay for abortions.

In collaboration with Repeal Hyde Art Project founder and Boston-based artist, activist and social worker Megan Smith, we will create an interactive exhibition based on the Repeal Hyde Art Project. Refreshments will be served.



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